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Hi all, I am new and VERY grateful to have found this site! My 88 yr. old father-in-law (FIL) was recently hospitalized with acute bronchitis, a bowel obstruction and suffered a heart attack... Read More

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    Quote from Isabelle49
    The only way a private insurance company will pay for services is if you are able to bill for them. As an RN, whether or not you can do that will depend on your Board's view on this. Only recently have Advanced Practice RN's been able to bill for services. Best of Luck to you.

    Thank You, Isabella.

    I'm still gathering information on FIL's condition (still in FL doing PT/rehab) and trying to investigate options for both he and myself. I am not an Advanced Practice RN.

    Side note:
    My daughter was a licensed massage therapist (now studying to be an RN), and was taught medical billing as part of the curriculum in Massage School, so as she could be an independent contractor. She never had to use this "skill" as she always worked in a chiropractor's office. She doesn't remember much about the class..."Use it or lose it", I suppose. Point being: SOMEONE teaches medical billing!

    I will check with my Board of Nursing and their view on this scenario, and hopefully find out how I am to proceed.

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    The local CC runs a class!

    Certified Medical Billing & Coding Specialist
    Self-Pay, Blue Collar and WIA Program

    The Certified Medical Billing & Coding Specialist (CBCS) program is designed to prepare students for billing and coding for insurance operations in the medical office setting. Students will learn:

    *The billing process from insurance plans to claim coding

    *To translate diagnosis and procedures to ICD/CPT codes
    *To understand and apply rights of patients
    *The standards of HIPAA *Introduction to Medical Terminology *Introduction to Anatomy & Physiology
    *Introduction to Medisoft billing software
    *Earn in a salary range of $25,463 to $37,165
    Students will attend a clinical rotation in a medical practice to enhance the skills obtained in the classroom. Graduates from the CBCS program will sit for a national certification exam from National Healthcare Association (NHA).

    210 hour program to include a 90 hour clinical rotation

    Tuition: $1,776.00

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~

    Probably more than I would need...but gathering info just the same!
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