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  1. Anybody out there know what PSA Healthcare in the Aurora/Dener area pays their nurses (RN), and how they are to work for? I currently work for PSA in Harrisburg, PA and love the people at the office here--very supportive and accommodating. Pay isn't that great, but the job is wonderful. I'm looking to move to Denver and am hoping for any info on PSA from out that way. Thanks guys!
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  3. by   sourapril
    Here in Denver nurses start around $23-25/hr
  4. by   muircv
    I went to an interview today at the PSA office in Aurora, CO and I was told the pay is $20/hr and there are some differentials for nights and weekends. I think it was $0.25/hr from 4pm-8pm $0.50/hr for 8pm-midnight and then I believe an extra $1/hr from midnight to 7am. I think she said it was $1.25/hr for weekends. I am a new grad nurse with no experience!
  5. by   That Guy
    Wow I get paid more in Kansas. This whole moving back to CO is just not looking so hot every day....
  6. by   nursearoo
    What about Mass? Would you consider going there? I worked for PSA there before I relocated out of state...the pay was great....$30.31/hr days...then we got shift diff for nights & weekends plus time & a half for holidays......Where I moved to the pay absolutely's hard after getting spoiled with that payrate......I was a new grad BTW when I started with them...but I also had years of personal experience and had them as my homecare company with my child.....their nurses are really great with the exception a some like anywhere else.........I am hopefully going back there....I really miss it there!

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