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PA Private Duty Agencies -- Decent Health Insurance

  1. 0 Hi there:

    Am wondering if there are any private duty agencies (adult or pediatric) in
    Pennsylvania that provide decent health insurance.

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    Bayada Home Health offers 4 plans, which are all pretty good, but very expensive.
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    Maxim Health care has insurance but it is cancelled if your patient is in the hospital for 2 weeks( or you go on vacation for 2 weeks) and you are not able to work other cases for those 2 weeks. If you take a couple of days off here and there you may find that your insurance cancelled you for lack of hours. They do not notify you when they cancel your medical insurance. They had sent me a medical card telling me I had insurance. However, when I actually went to see a new doctor, I then found out that No, my card was no good. No one contacted me to let me know that I had no medical insurance. So when you get sick and really need your medical insurance they will cancel it.