On Call Staffing, Inc., ever heard of it??

  1. On Call Staffing is a private duty nursing company that is based out of Batesville, MS. I just started working for them recently as a last resort. They hired me without even interviewing me. They seem to need nurses really bad.

    Has any one here worked for them before?

    What is your opinion of the company?

    I live in TN and work for them. As far as I know there is no local TN office and I have only talked to them over the phone and never met them in person. I know other people who work for them, but they are all relatively new employees(with in the last couple months). So basically I know I will get a paycheck. I am also having difficulty finding anything about them on the internet.

    It is weird but I found a web site the has the same address and phone number but it has a different name, Guardian Angel Nursing. Here is the link:


    Any info will be helpful, Thanks! :-)
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