just informed that mom wants me to drive her kids to school - page 4

I have been on this case for 6 months. Finally there is another nurse to pick up extra hours . Mom has decided she wants the nurses to drive her kids to school,. I am blown away. The new nurse... Read More

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    kgress, that mom is seriously kooky. I hope you turned in your notice. Stick to your job description and you'll be fine. Don't give these shameless primary caregivers an inch because they'll often take a football field and then turn on you when you refuse to mow the lawn for them and repair the plumbing, lol. Believe me, I've seen these PCG's do the Jeckle n Hyde thing on kind-hearted nurses far too often. My advice: Avoid the PCGs like the plague!

    Hope things work out for you in a better home setting, fellow nurse.

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    Oh my god I totally forgot about the mom who asked me if I could drive the U Haul when they moved apartments.

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