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Mom wants to send her DD child to school. He has a trach and needs frequent suctioning. He has G-tube too. I have gone with mom to doctor visits with the portable suction machine that doesn't work well.:crying2: I am scared. What... Read More

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    Quote from afineparadigm
    MY suggestion is if you're scared to do your job, tell the family so they can hire someone else who's up to it
    My client is having this problem lately. She is telling the agency not to send nurses who aren't able to comply with her wishes and is complaining about the nurses that she has allowed to stay on the job. I have gently reminded her that the agency has only so many nurses available in their pool and she may run out of possibilities and be forced to seek help from another agency.
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    Also bear in mind that the portable suction machines never have as much omf as the reg plug in models. Also see if you can get the ent to give you one of the suction syringes for emergencies.

    I find my current pt needs suction less at school
    because he is more active. You'll have to meet with the school nurse before you start with him anyways to fill out paperwork that will allow you to be there so that would be great time to work out the details
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    Thanks all so much. OK, it looks like school will be starting soon so I am going to be brave and try it out. His first feeding starts at 7am which is when I arrive at his home. He is suppose to be at school by 7:45am. Do you think Mom will expect me to rush in start the feeding, do his bath etc. as soon as I arrive at 7am? Isn't it dangerous to be giving a bath at the same time the child is receiving a feeding by electric pump? Am I going to electrocute my patient? Yikes!!!!!
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    A bath and a feeding and dress and travel to school between 7 and 7:45? Methinks too much. Mom should give the feeding and bath before you get there. He should be dressed and ready to go at 7 am. The night nurse should do all of this. The bath can be given the previous evening.
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    I used too start at 6am do a feeding dressing change and get him dressed and all the bags packed for the bus arriving at 7am. Maybe you can start early and leave early? Do you have other nurses on the case?
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    Thanks caliotter3 and tothepointeLVN. Yes, I think Mom should have the child up bathed and ready to go at 7am. There are no night nurses for this client. I don't know if they have found a new LPN yet who will take over the RN's position( who is leaving because of getting LPN wages) who worked twice a week. I would be willing to come in early if needed. I don't know if the new nurse would be willing to come in early or not. Anyway, if Mom tells me to do the feeding and bath before school I will have to tell her No. I will start the feeding and will do the bath after school.

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