How hard is it to become an LPN medicaid provider in florida?

  1. 0 Hi,
    I am interested in becoming an LPN medicaid provider?
    Was wondering if someone can shine in on the process.
    How long? How difficult? How and where to get started?

    Those that have done it, any regrets? How hard is it to find cases?

    Thanks ahead of time
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    Can anyone help please
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    I would follow this link
    and click on "Providers." There are three links on the page, "How to become a provider?" "Provider Enrollment" and "Provider Enrollment Help Line Information."
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    Becoming a medicaid provider was discussed previously in this forum. You could do a search on "private duty nurse," "private duty nursing??" or "Medicaid/Medicare provider" on allnurses.

    I know that Lisa1203, Rita Laboy, and WI_home_RN were very helpful in explaining this. Someone named Tondi was also very helpful, but she charged for the info. I think her site is asktondi, or something similar to that.
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    BUMP TO THE TOP. Still interested???

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