Is Home Health Aide 24 Hr Live-in Rate $100/day Too Low? - page 2

Hi, I'm being offered a case in Tampa, FL 4 days a week, all in a row, 'round-the-clock for $100 a day. Sleep when the client sleeps eat what the client eats. I'd prepare meals and a meal is provided for me. Help with light... Read More

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    Sounds like a conscientious decent client. Pray much for her health and treat her well. You could be dropping her off and waiting in the foyer of the restaurant or in the car in the parking lot and being questioned if you could not find something more honorable to do.

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    The agencies charge clients $225-300 a day and pay HHA's $100-125. I do private duty 4-5days/week @150/day.
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    Can Rn's do live in cases?
    It sounds like something i would be interested in,but I never see anything like that for nurses.
    How would i go about finding that type of work?
    I am peds Pdn,so maybe that works differently. Most get some state aid,and my agency always tells me that legally,you cant work more than 16 hrs a day.

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