Entering the PDN field....as an experienced critical care nurse Entering the PDN field....as an experienced critical care nurse | allnurses

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Entering the PDN field....as an experienced critical care nurse

  1. 0 I have 13 years experience as a NICU/PICU nurse. I most recently have been working per diem in the hospital and was thinking about supplementing with home care. I have hesitated bc I have not heard great things about the companies in my area (MA). Recently my name was brought up to a former family in our NICU who is looking for private duty home care nurses as they have been also unhappy with the agencies and nurses they are using.

    I have been doing lots of research but still am a bit lost as where to begin so I cover both myself and the family legally and financially. I would like to establish myself as an independant private duty nurse. I do not need health insurance or benefits.

    I have seen that the important steps are..
    -establish a contract with the family ( i actually believe the mother is a lawyer)
    -obtain a tax ID
    -cover myself with malpractice insurance
    -obtain a NPI
    -obtain a medicare provider #

    Can anyone elaborate more on the above steps and what else I need to be thinking of?

    I have several questions...
    - Is this even worth it? Is it feasible legally or a big headache?
    - Can the family pay out of pocket and I still be covered as a RN if I do the above steps? The nurse who talked to them about me made it seem as though they just wanted to avoid agencies and pay privately. Anything else i need to cover myself if this is the case?
    - If they want to try to use their private insurance, can I bill with all private health insurances? Or only with medicare/medical?
    - Does anyone know of any good resourses for me to get started.... I will be working in Massachusetts

    Any tips, thoughts or advice would be GREATLY appreciated.
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    I found the resources on their web sites very helpful for private duty nursing and becoming an independet contractor.

    Info on what you asked about can be found at:

    National Nurses in Business Association (NNBA)

    Nurse Entrepreneur Network

    In the National Nurses in Business Association (NNBA), there's a section called "Patient Care Provider Q & A" (under "Q & A") which could answer some of your questions.

    (I am not a member of these organizations. I found their sites useful when no one would answer my questions about these topics or assist me with private duty nursing. I hope they help you.)