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  1. by   Elektra6
    No, but I do get to go to the movies!
  2. by   BA.LVN
    I can relate to those who are unable to work when/if their client is sick and/or is in the hospital and not able to attend school. I had quite a few days like that this last semester during my PD case....when my patient had to go home early b/c they felt sick or the school schedule was minimum days, I wouldn't get paid for those hours (obviously).

    So I have another many of those who work private duty in the educational settings, do so through an agency and how many of you work directly under the school district? I was curious b/c I know that agencies don't necessarily pay the greatest (and I've been working under one for the last 9 months...although it's summer now, and I'm currently w/out work b/c they haven't found me a case). So I'm wondering 1.) Can you market yourself to school districts? 2.) Can they hire you directly so you'd get the same benefits as OTHER school staff and better pay?

    I'm thinking of doing this, but wondering what others have done. Any input is greatly appreciated!

    And do you feel working through an agency is unsettling in that the hours/pay/benefits aren't the greatest? I really do LOVE private duty in an educational environment and would like to continue. :spin: