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Are you allowed to relax and watch TV with your DD child? I am trying my best but 12 hours of constant interaction with this child is wearing me out. Mom says No more TV watching. Mom reminds me... Read More

  1. by   Adele_Michal7
    Quote from ArwenEvenstar

    I always loved it when a parent expected/demanded the nurses to do something that they, the parents, were NOT willing to do themselves. Grrrr....
    Talk about getting down to brass tacks, you just summed it up perfectly. I've had this experience countless times with many families. Of course there's been the wonderful families but so many have had heightened expectations that they themselves couldn't possibly ever deliver on.

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    She has unrealistic expectations for a 12 hour shift. Those are unrealistic expectations for an 8 hour shift. I suggest you look for a new case before she gets angry enough to call the agency and fire you to get the next victim in the house.
    I agree.