It cost me $59.25 just to apply for a job? - page 4

Yikes!!!!:eek: I went to a home care private duty office and they gave me a list to complete. $16 for sheriff fingerprinting fees, $19.25 for FBI check and $16 for a FDLE background investigation. I have not had a "job interview"... Read More

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    Yes, Kyasi. It is unbelievable. I sure hope that it is only Florida that requires this kind of insanity. I hope this kind of thing doesn't spread to the other states.

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    Update: It looks like I have now been officially hired at both of the nursing agencies. One called yesterday and said to come next week for orientation. The other one left a message on my phone today saying " OK. You did all your paperwork. Let us know what date you can start working."
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    It looks like that $59.25 turned out to be a good investment. Congratulations on getting two jobs!
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    Thanks caliotter3. Yes, I guess I lucked out in the end. Thank Goodness. I wish you and all of the other job seekers out there the best of luck.:heartbeat
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    Eenie, menie, minie, mo!

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    Quote from ArwenEvenstar
    The wife was a RN. They offered little perks that you often do not get with home care agencies. ...
    Inquiring minds want to know! What kind of neat little bennies to you get from this little agency?
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    Quote from WI_home_RN
    Inquiring minds want to know! What kind of neat little bennies to you get from this little agency?
    I think you were referring to my post. The little private agency I worked for. On Nurse's Day each year the nurses got $50 Bath and Body Work gift cards! I was shocked by that!! (Used to getting something really lame from other places I worked for whether a hospital or a cheap travel mug with their name on it! Wow- I feel so valued and appreciated by the $1 mug. haha.) At Christmas, everyone got a $25 Walmart gift card. You earned PTO! Not much mind you. Full-time hours would accumulate one week a year. Part-time hours more like a couple days. (But other agencies I worked for had no PTO at all. You could take off of course, but it was without pay.) I'm thinking there were a couple other little things I am forgetting has been 4 years now. Although not a bennie per se, the co-owner who was a RN would take a stand for her nurses, especially when it came to unrealistic/demanding families on private duty cases. It was great to know your boss had your back and was on your side.

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