Can I do private duty in NJ without an agency? Can I do private duty in NJ without an agency? | allnurses

Can I do private duty in NJ without an agency?

  1. 0 I am an RN and I have worked private duty for several years through an agency. I would like to take on private duty cases on my own. In other words, not connected to any agency. About a month ago that same question was asked by some one from NY, I was wondering about NJ. I too was curious about the legality of agreeing to do private duty, as far as care plans, contracts and such. Does anyone know what is required to do private duty in NJ without an agency?
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    You can do private duty anywhere without an agency. All it takes is to find a client and enter into an acceptable working agreement with them.
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    I'm a newly licensed LPN and was asked if I would do private duty for a hospice care case. Where do I go to find out all the legal responsibilities that come with that? As a licensed nurse, I can just come up with the agreement with the family and just do it?

    Please help.

    Thank you.
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    As long as you please your employer with your work there is no problem. Legally you must practice within your scope of practice in a prudent manner, same as for any other nursing job. The big problem may be the payment of taxes. If your employer does not pay the employment taxes for you, then you are responsible for them. They won't pay themselves.
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    I contacted the educational dept of my state nursing board, that is your best source of information.

    They can give you the real story, legal guidelines to follow, etc. Good luck!!
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    does anyone know of an agency where i can do private duty nursing?