Would you guys recommend taking Micro or Anatomy/Phys first? - page 2

I just finished a semester of combined gen chem/orgo/and biochem. Thanks for the input!... Read More

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    I've been told to take A&P first because there are two parts to it that you need to take and a lot of students end up needing to re-take the course as it's very challenging.
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    A&P wil prepare you betteer for micro.
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    I just finished this semester of Micro and A/P at the same time. If I had to pick one ahead of the other, I guess I would say take a/p first. some of the basics covered here are expected for micro. but, I took them at the same time and did well. I'm taking a/p 2 during the summer - I'm a little freaked out!! whatever you decide, good luck!!!

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