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What's the fastest way to get into nursing program? ? ANY tips?? How long did it take you to get into nursing program..??? Can you work an do nursing????... Read More

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    I agree, call the school you plan on attending. These are questions for them to answer, not us, as every school has different requirements.

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    Thank you

    How was you experience as bieng a student nurse and doing CNA.And tips or advice.Hows life as a nurse I'm so EXCITED!
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    I agree with everyone about checking with school to find out their requirements. I do know that most schools will look at your GPA and test scores and weigh them differently for admission. Some schools weigh more heavily on grades and others on tests it just depends. As far as working and going to school, I think it's the best decision I made and has made me so much more comfortable with being at the beside with patients in different settings. I also think it differentiates you from other applicants once you graduate and shows you have some nursing care experience. BEST of LUCK!!! Nursing is a GREAT career choice.

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