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Hello Everybody! I have been using this site as a tool for years now, but didn't make my own account until today. I知 21 years old and living in NYC. I recently applied to SUNY Stony Brook and I知 trying to decide on my future... Read More

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    I'm sorry . What about someone who would be willing to co-sign a loan? I'm happy to hear you aren't going to give up your dream. Some of us don't get a straight shot, but end up veering off the beaten path for a bit before arriving at our destination.
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    Hey [COLOR=#003366]FutureNurseNYC[/COLOR],
    You are very inspirational to me!! My mother was similar in a way, I started my freshman year of high school and then had to drop out. I am now 23 and starting my dreams of college I still do not even have my GED! I am brushing up on various subjects before I apply to my local community college next spring. A site I heard about here on AllNurses has helped me immensely! It is called Khan Academy, the have amazing videos, step by step help and they cover everything from pre-algebra to physics. oh and it's free, best part lol. Maybe it could help you some
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    Hey which_path,

    I will check out that website. It sounds very useful. You can do it! Have you tried going to an Adult Learning Center instead of getting a GED? In my opinion it seemed easier and there was less testing involved, but it might take a bit longer. That is how I got my diploma. When I started community college, I had the option of taking the refresher classes in Math and English. It doesn't give you college credits or count towards graduation, but it gave me a much better foundation for other classes.

    So, I am still fighting to get instate tuition. I have been living in NY for almost two years now, and I have filed independent taxes here, and I also have the w'2s and pay stubs to show that. They are saying anyone under 24 are put under where their parent's reside. The reality, however, is I have been living independently in NY own my own for over a year. I am not under a lease, but I rent out a bedroom from my brother. I also do not have a NY license. It was foolish of me to not change, but I am thinking of doing that Tuesday. I figured showing bank statements, w’2s, and paystubs would suffice.
    They mentioned another option if I could not get the instate tuition, it was a Parent Plus loan. My parents have horrible credit and a tax lien so that is not an option. I would ask my Grandfather to cosign but I do not think that is an option. They also mentioned that if you are denied the Parent Plus you are loaned an automatic 4000 to help, but I will still not have enough especially if I have to do that each semester.

    Has anyone been in a similar situation? What are my other options besides a student plus? I already have a federal loan and financial aid, but it does not meet my needs. I assumed my needs would be met by loans, because Stony Brook is a relatively cheap school, and I didn’t think a lot of people had huge chucks of cash lying around.

    If it doesn’t work, I will do one more semester at a community college, and apply for a lot of scholarships. I am told I will get a lot due to my strong gpa.

    Any suggestions or thoughts?
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    I had to have a meeting and write a letter for financial aid to consider me an independent student. But I had no contact with My family and came from an as abusive home. Can you go to school where your parents are? I assume not. Are you an independent student or is your family supporting you. Ask in what way their decision can be appealed.

    Good luck and keep fighting
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    So, I never go instate tuition, but I did get a private student loan. I started classes yesterday ( Mostly electives and general ed classes) and so far they seem like they are fairly easy-- except one of teachers has an extremely strong Russian accent and I have a hard time making out anything she is she is saying. I am kind of worried I might do bad in that class and recieve a bad grade and not get into the nursing school. Also, I found out today if you do bad in a course, if you retake it, you still have the bad grade in your gpa, so that is kind of scary. haha.
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    Your story just brought tears to my eyes not because, of the your circumstances but, because mine is so similar. I've overcome a lot of obstacles myself but, each time I've come out on top. I believe you will be fine just take the classes, you have the ability to learn and the determination to make sure that you will learn. You will be fine, I wish you the best.
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    I commend you for what you achieved! You sound like a hard-working, intellegent person who will one day make a great nurse. I think with your drive, and obvious ability to learn you will be just fine with your science classes. In my opinion, the math classes you have already taken are much harder!! In fact, I barely passed my math classes and made As in my sciences. Congratulations in you accomplishments so far, and good luck with your future. I know you will do great!!
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    Thanks for the feedback, guys! So far the classes I am taking aren't that bad and I have been getting good grades. My only concern is my one history class. There is only two exams, and the are worth 90% of your grade. I went to TA today, and she asked me so many question on the test I didn't know. It's not even hard material--it's just the fact that the class has 300 students, and there is no structure at all. Last semester the class average was a 72 during midterms. I feel like if I recieve a C in this class I will ruin all chances of getting into the actually nursing program!
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    just try your best! schools weigh your grades differently, they may look at your science gpa differently, etc. there is lot to memorize sometimes in these classes. If you feel that you will bomb it you can think about retaking it (if you are able to withdraw still, etc) but that's up to you.

    I was always glad I went to small schools so my classes weren't big!!

    good luck!
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    Again, thanks the positive feed!

    I was hoping for a bit of advice, however.

    So, I am doing well in my classes. I've been acing my quizzes and got a 104% on my midterm paper. However, I am taking a class with absolutely no structure and the teacher is awful. The class average was a 48 on our midterm. It's history class about medieval times. I took it as a elective, and I am very much regretting it. I got a 44 on the exam, ( it's a point system out of 90 points) and I was very disappointing. The teacher is going to curve our grades since he cant fail an entire class, but do you think I would be better of withdrawing from the class? I'd rather have a W then a C. I am living on campus, though. I feel like only taking three classes would be a waste!

    Any thoughts?

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