Will a B in Microbiology ruin my chances in the bay area?

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    For those of you in the bay area (San Francisco), I'm hoping you might shed some light on my current predicament. I'll be applying to BSN programs for Fall of 2014.

    I have a cumulative GPA of 3.5 and this B in my summer Microbiology course bring my science gpa down a bit...I have a B+ in Chemistry for Allied Health and A's in both Anatomy and Physiology. I'm also a licensed CNA and volunteer at a hospital. I'm a bit older, 37 having had a very successful previous career in radio.

    I know science gpa's are weighed heavily in this highly competitive and impacted area. Will a B in Micro ruin my chances? Is it worth it to consider taking the course again in the spring and aim for an A?

    If any of you in the bay area that have been accepted into a BSN program would be willing to share your GPAs and experience it might give me a broader perspective of my current situation. Thanks!

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    I have no clue, but that's still an awesome GPA to me! Plus your experience should help right?
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    I hope so! It's been a hard road getting here. It's so silly to be bummed about a B. That micro summer class was so fast paced and very difficult to keep up with.
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    I am in that area as well. Which programs are you considering? My advisor at cc told me in those 3 bio's the least that anyone should have is 2 A's and a B.
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    I got a B- in micro and I got into a school- a good one at that. You seem to have a good background. I think you'll be okay. Deep breaths!
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    I'll be applying to Sonoma State University, SFSU, CSUEB, USF, Samuel Merritt and Dominican University. I'll also be throwing my hat into the lottery for COM and SFCC RN programs just in case I don't get into a BSN program. I'll be gunning for A's this fall in Anatomy and Physiology. After taking Nutrition, Chemistry for Allied Health and Microbiology I feel I have a good base to help get me there. I hope!
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    I have narrowed my choices down to CSUEB, Sac state and the ADN program at my cc and then bridge over. Have u looked into the passing rates of SFSU AND MERITT, they are not good! Also I heard the SF city college lost their accreditation as a school altogether so you may want to double check that. I hope that is not the case!
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    I think you will be fine with the one B. Wishing you the best!
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    Hardwrkingmama I did not know that about SFCC. I will look into it thanks! As for NCLEX pass rates on Samuel Merritt I think 89% is better than others although 85% is on the lower side for SFSU. But I doubt I'll get into SFSU. From what I've heard if you're not fluent in another language you're at a big disadvantage. Never hurts to try.

    The school I want to go to the most is Sonoma State University. The program is a small class, it has stellar pass rates, is affordable and close to me as I'm in Marin. But it's one of the most competitive. The school last on my list is Dominican. From what I've heard from the nurses at Marin General it's not worth all that money plus it's NCLEX pass rates are in the low 70's ouch!

    I need to do everything I can to get into a school Fall 2014. I have a second child due in January and am no spring chicken at 37. This is a career change for me and I don't want to waste any more time.
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    Hardwrkingmama you were right about SFCC. What a shame as i had heard the RN program is excellent.

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