Why do some colleges take so long to give you an answer?

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    I have been waiting since January for an answer from my 1st choice college. I had an interview two weeks ago and thought it went well and was supposed to receive an answer by today but I haven't. Does anyone know what goes into the admissions process? Preferably Jefferson University?
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    I feel your pain. I can only assume that they make you wait so long to avoid mistakes in the selection process.
    Best of luck to you in getting in to your first choice school .
    I hope you hear something soon.
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    Thanks, I hope so too.
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    I feel your pain. I keep checking my mail every single day. It is getting depressing when there is no letter or anything! Good luck to you.
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    It's funny how some schools tell you within 3 weeks and some take months...OU took forever so I feel your pain too.
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    Thanks for your reply, How long did you have to wait for OU to respond?
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    It was around 5 months before I heard anything...

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