Which program do I pursue at age 44? - page 2

I'm looking to start over after being an LVN in Texas years ago. My license is inactive, in good standing. Rectivating it is a logistical nightmare because I moved to a compact state. It's not worth... Read More

  1. by   Sp2017
    I think Option 1 is the best choice for you because you don't have to deal with high competition "against 20 yr olds". Most ADN programs are lottery-based and cheap. As long as you are qualified, you have a same chance like others.
  2. by   CRGRN
    From your text it sounds to me that you prefer option 3 but may want to research the additional costs first. You have trepidation and all manner of concerns about this pursuit, which is only natural and reasonable.
    are you ready to make a plan? (most important) are you committed to do this?
    At your age, you have many yrs of nursing heaven and hell ahead of you, perhaps even advanced placement nursing, if you desire it.
    Assoc degree with transfer to a Baccalaureate program is a good option. As another nurse recommended, make sure your credits transfer and apply toward your BSN. My opinion is to absolutely directly obtain a BSN, via community college to a 4 yr school or directly from a Baccalaureate program. There is a movement within nursing to set the minimum educational requirement for a RN at the doctoral level. That won't happen for many years. Look how long it took for a BSN to become the (pseudo) standard.
    There is no denying the benefit of education for employability and enhanced wages and autonomy. You can't lose by moving forward, regardless of the educational path you choose. That's one of the truly wonderful things about nursing. Your experience is going to benefit patients and less experienced nurses (regardless of degree status). It's all good.
    Best wishes, and please do get back in the workforce. You're needed.
  3. by   Bumex
    I would go option 1 or 2. Even for profits with better reps are still not going to be as good as either of your first two choices.