Where to go??

  1. I want to be a Neonatal Nurse but Im not sure which college to choose!
    I live in southern Oklahoma but I am also looking at Wsu (Wichita State University).
    Im only a sophmore in high school at the time but I like to plan things out...help!
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  3. by   Esme12
    Welcome to AN! The largest online nursing community!

    Browse around the site we have information for you to explore and familiarize yourself with. AN is a great source of information about schools, classes, career, admission requirements, homework help, practice issues. It is a wealth of information and knowledge.

    Choose a college that you will like for four years. Be sure the nursing program is an accredited program. In this present job climate hospitals are looking for a BSN. You will study all areas of nursing and will special after you graduate. Most specialty areas require some med-surg experience for at least a year before the will consider you for the specialty. The nursing job market is tight right now and many nurses are having difficulty finding employment in a hospital setting. There are some areas of the country, like California, that have as high as a 47% unemployment rate of new grads.

    You need to focus heavy on biology, math and the sciences in high school. A&P if offered. Get some volunteer hours under your belt. Get your GPA s high as you can for the market for applicants is competitive and are looking for a 3.5 and greater and SAT scores >1600-1700. My daughter is going through this process now she is a junior.

    Good Luck!