When your semester ends

  1. 0 I'm currently taking my pre-reqs for RN in a nearby community college.
    Though, this is my last semester in school. However...HOWEVER.....
    (now I'm feeling devastated ) Im taking Human Physiology class and
    I'm failing it! I already have ONE REPEAT in one of my pre-reqs.
    (oh I need some comfort..... )

    My professor in Human Physiology advised me to enroll in LVN program if I did not pass
    that class.

    My goal now was to take CNA or LVN first to any nearby (Los Angeles or Orange County)
    Adult Schools that offers CNA or LVN. Private schools are way way way too fancy.
    My parents and I could not afford the loan's interest -- indeed, economy crisis, darling.

    Does anyone of you know any Adult Schools in LA or OC area that offers LVN program?
    If you have any suggestions or comment, feel free to advise me.
    Thank you so much!
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    How do you feel about these classes? Do you think you're getting most of the information, you're just bombing the tests?

    I am with you on the tuition for the private schools. I may be able to be approved for a loan (not sure) but I don't think I want that kind of debt.

    Keep your chin up. If you decide to go LPN/LVN first, that will be extra experience and extra knowledge for when you bridge over for your RN.
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    I'm not too sure if going for LPN/LVN would be a good idea. Thing is that most are getting phased out of hospitals since they just can't work at the capacity of an RN. I suppose it wouldn't hurt to apply for LPN/LVN, but also apply to a few nursing programs where you may have a higher chance of gettting in such as those with lottery.

    Don't give up! you can do it!

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