What are you most worried about in regards to starting nursing school??

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    I'm a junior in a university BSN program. I remember last summer I was very anxious to start and I had a lot of questions.

    Post your concerns and maybe we can help!
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    I know that nursing school is not going to be easy. I know that we will have to get dirty and do things we have never done before, but when we begin clinicals will we be put into situations where life and death are a possibility? Like if someone crashes, as students, would we just sit back and watch the professionals do the work, or will we be having to make the right choices then and there to keep this person alive?
    I was just curious as to what we will be doing, specifically, while at a clinical site?
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    I don't start until January 2013 for an LPN program, but I am already starting to get nervous mostly about balancing a full time job and school (I'll be attending 3 evenings a week). I know there will be times when I just want to give up. How do you keep yourself going?
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    I am really scared and nervous that I won't be able to get all the information down and to be able to think critically to the fullest, which is one of the important factors to being a nurse.
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    i am scared of hurting or killing someone - not just in school.... even when i'm a nurse
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    I'm afraid of failing. Period
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    Quote from CallieNM
    Like if someone crashes, as students, would we just sit back and watch the professionals do the work, or will we be having to make the right choices then and there to keep this person alive?
    Before you enter your clinical sites, you will have some sort of training regarding what to do in a code situation. However, it is not ultimately your responsibility as a student to make the decisions in the case of a medical emergency. You may run into a serious situation while in a clinical, but your first response needs to alert an employee. I may suggest simply pressing the call light, and get an RN in the room ASAP. After that, you will want to stand nearby (and out of the way) and possibly run at get supplies that might be needed immediately.

    Also, you will be trained in CPR. You may need to start CPR before someone else comes in to take over. However, if the client having the emergency is not your client, you need to know if the client is a full code before you can start CPR, or else you can possibly cause legal problems.

    However, more than likely, you may not run into a situation like this at all.
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    Quote from CarrieGL
    How do you keep yourself going?
    A nursing student needs motivation, and motivation is a very personal thing. However, I would highly recommend a few things.

    1. Organization. If you can keep all of your tests, assignments, mandatory practice time, and your work schedule together, you can succeed.

    2. Communication. Communicate thoroughly with your employer. I work part time myself, and I am a full time student at a university. I am constantly in communication with my scheduling managers to create a schedule that works for the both of us. Also, communicate with your classmates and family. They can help keep you organized, too.

    3. Time management. While school is in session, time management is critical. Spending hours surfing the web and procrastinating can end up hurting you badly when it comes time to get things done.

    4. Take care of yourself. Go to bed at reasonable hours as often as possible. And definitely try to schedule in some down time to do your own thing and de-stress. I would highly recommend getting involved in some sort of physical activity to work out stress such as walking, biking, Pilates or yoga if you havent already. I cant tell you how much better I feel after 20 minutes of pilates. Its awesome.

    And in the end, keep your goal in mind! You will be a nurse before you know it!
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    I thought of another one...dosage calculations...:uhoh21:
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    Quote from CarrieGL
    I thought of another one...dosage calculations...:uhoh21:
    Yes!! We have to know basic calculations by the time we go to orientation.
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