What is the best Study Guide/Materials for the HESI A2 Exam?

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    I'm taking this exam soon and I want to know the ABSOLUTE BEST study guide for preppin' me with this exam. I've read a lot about the HESI A2 secrets being garbage. Any suggestions?

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    I took the HESI A2 test a couple weeks ago. I did the study guide (HESI A2 Exam Review, 2nd edition) cover to cover.

    The questions on the test were very similar to the guide and will give you some basic information on the types of questions, the wording and format of the exam. Make sure you study math - fractions, decimals, roman numerals, ratio and proportion, percentages, common household measurement, metric measurement, conversion, 24-hr clock.

    It won't hurt to brush up on your grammar!

    I was not aware that the exam that I took was not going to include chemistry, biology, physics and A&P sections. However, tidbits that were in those sections were included in the grammar/vocab, math and reading and comprehension parts! So I did a bit of overkill on the studying part but I felt that the extra time didn't hurt.

    I probably spent 10-12 hrs on the guide. I have posted elsewhere on this board about the exam. You may want to take a look.

    Hope that helps and good luck!
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    Thank you, this helped out incredibly.

    One more question I had is what subjects will be covered on this exam? Is it universal for all students taking HesiA2 to be undergoing Bio, Chem, A+P, etc? Because I have read other people only took certain sections. Could you also provide a link as to where I can buy the Study Guide? Thank you so much. You'll be hearing from me soon.

    -Chris M
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    Hi Chris,

    I took the HESI A2 exam in July, I only had to take the Math, Grammer, Vocab and Reading. I used the HESI A2 Exam Review, 2nd edition as well, I thought it was a big help! I would definetly recommend using it. Overall I did well on the test, I did pass, but definitly should have studied the vocab section more. In addition to your overall study, I would suggest studying prefixes, suffixes and root words, several of the questions on the grammer I just guessed!

    I hope this helps, and best of luck to you!!
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    Good to know about the Hesi Assessment guide. Thanks.
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    I am reading mixed reviews regarding all the books. Has anyone taken the Brookhaven exam and knows what book to study from?
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    i took the hesi test and is embarrasing to say but out of 7 peple that took the test including myself only one person passed. I wish it was me but this lady had the 2nd edition hesi book and she passed so im going to try it. See what happens. Hopefully i pass next time
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    Thats the only book I keep hearing about for brookhaven. When are you taking the test? Someone told me the test is easier if you take it at other DCCCD locations. I thought the test is a national exam and has nothing to do with the testing center.
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    do you happen to have the study guide in pdf format
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    no i dont...i was hoping someone did and if they can email it

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