What are my chances?

  1. I am a 23 year old male that just graduated from a state university in Iowa. I have a B.A. Biology, B.A. Psychology and a minor in Chemistry with roughly a 3.6-3.7 GPA. Prerequisite GPA primarily A's with a few scattered B's. I was involved in a lot of research in college and consequently did not find time to work in a clinical setting which makes me worry about my pending applications for accelerated second degree programs. I applied to a few programs but the University of Colorado Denver, Miami, and University of Pennsylvania are among my top choices. I am growing increasingly weary about my chances and because of this I have a few questions:

    1. What do you think my chances are to the schools I mentioned?

    2. Does anyone know any academically rigorous programs with relatively high acceptance rates that I could possibly apply to as a "safety school" in case I am rejected from my top choices? Please keep in mind that because of family situations I am limiting my search to accelerated programs and that the possibility of being involved in research is pretty important to me.

    I thank you in advance for taking the time to answer my questions! Wish me luck... Also, sorry if there is an existing thread or I posted incorrectly as this is my first post on the site.
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  3. by   leenak
    No one can tell you your chances except the school itself. State schools tend to be more competitive because of lowered tuition and some schools like a second language, previous volunteer work or previous healthcare experience. Are you looking for BSN programs only?

    Other possibilities I would recommend would be Drexel, Villanova, Johns Hopkins and George Washington. I think Drexel is one of the shortest programs out there and has one of the easiest applications.