what accelerated BSN programs accept online prereqs???

  1. Do you know of any schools that accept online prereqs (accelerated bsn programs)?

    Thank you!
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  3. by   jesa
    I think it depends on where you take your online classes. I am a student SJSU in CA starting a ABSN tomorrow and have taken many of my classes online, but they are classes that are offered through SJSU.
  4. by   Agenyc
    I think that as long as the school is accredited it should be OK, but
    I don't know how something like anatomy disections, Micro and physiology labs would work online though, and I have seen those courses being offered online...
    You could call the schools you are interested in, or maybe just a random selection, and ask them directly about which type of online courses are accepted from what online organizations.
    I will be doing the ABSN at NYU this fall and they definitly accept online Nutrition courses . I will be taking it through the SUNY Learning Network (State U. Of NY) this july/aug (thanks again mystiqx)
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