Wcccd Nursing Program and Fafsa

  1. So, I am finishing all my pre reqs and co reqs... And I see that all the nursings semesters will be under 12 credit hours if I do all my co reqs... Will I still be able to get financial Aid from FAFSA if I get into the Nursing program with all my co reqs done? How would that work? Would I need to choose more classes so I can stay full time?
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  3. by   Exhaustipated
    I can't speak for every school, but I'm told that you must be at least a part-time student to qualify for federal financial aid. Where I attend, that's 6 credit hours. As a part time student, you wouldn't get the full amount available, but you would still get it. To be sure, though, I would double check with your financial aid office.