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I just applied to USF (CA) CNL program for the non-nurse. Has anyone else applied? Or does anyone know their admission statistics from last spring?... Read More

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    I agree with fromthasco. It's a total crapshoot. I know people who submitted goal statements with typos to UCSF and they got in. I've met UCSF students who are absolutely brilliant and were denied TWICE. It's totally arbitrary. This is my second time applying to nursing schools (first time for USF...hoping to get in Summer 2010) and I feel discouraged but I do believe that everything happens for a reason.

    Don't let it impact your self esteem. I'm sure you're all qualified. Programs are impacted and everyone wants to go into nursing. Just think of how sweet it will be when you finally get that acceptance letter and you can feel satisfied knowing it was well earned.

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    I know. It is a total crapshoot from what I've heard, too. There are SO many qualified applicants, and it makes you wonder if they just pick out of a hat at some point! LOL. Seriously, though, it is frustrating, but we have to move forward and be persistent. Fromthasco, I am assuming you got tired of applying and getting nowhere, so that is why you went forward with the Health Ed degree? That was really smart of you. Well, I hope we all can join you this Spring. The good news is that Samuel Merritt's ABSN program in San Mateo starts this January. I am assuming some people applied to both schools, so hopefully some of the accepted students decide to go there. I did hear that a lot of people from the waitlist tend to get in. It would be nice to know what number we are, though. For all I know I could be 25 and not have a chance at all. I guess I will have to have patience for the next couple of weeks!

    For those of you who got in, thanks for taking the time to give the rest of us info/tips.
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    Hey everyone,

    I know this thread may not be followed anymore considering its 1 year later... but I plan to apply for the ME-CNL program for Spring 2012 and I was just wondering how you all like it at USF so far. I would love to know if you think the program is as great as I have heard it is. Please respond if you have time! Thanks!

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