UNC-CH BSN Nursing May 2012

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    I am applying to the UNC-Chapel Hill BSN May of 2012 cohort! I have been raiding all the forums for as much information as I could find about UNC. I am excited but also very nervous. I've already submitted my application early. Are there any current UNC nursing students or applicants who have any information about the program? I am just curious. I can't help it.

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    Hi @unc-for-me: i am also applying for the May 2012 cohort, and i am so freakin nervous!!! i don't know what to do with myself!!!
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    Hi to you both, I'm applying too and OBSESSING about it!!!! Keeping my fingers crossed for us all!!!
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    Hi flying_ace2! I'm crossing my fingers as well! Hopeffully we will receive those good ol' acceptance letters in the mail
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    Y'all might get more hits on the NC Programs page... there is a UNC thread going on there too.
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    Okay so I forgot my password and this site will not reset it. So it's still unc_for_me + 1. I will check out the other thread. Thanks!

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