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Just a quick question for other students. I am taking my pre-reqs and will be attending the fall nursing class. I have managed to keep a 3.86 GPA, which I work very hard for. Anywho, has anyone... Read More

  1. by   ToriLPN2RN
    Quote from DFWgal
    We only have 3 practicals to cover all the material in A&P I. A&P II same thing, and I think it's more difficult.

    I've heard than this is a joke compared to nursing school with pharma, patho, etc., so I don't want to be harsh but "get used to it".

    87 is alright, I'm sure you'll get your A with a bit more of hard work.

    I dif feel that having multiple systems on a test in A and P will help ready us for Nursing. I have yet to attend RN school ( working towards it) but I can speak for LPN and there are times you will have several tests in the same day with multiple chapters. this will be one of the most stressful times of our lives but we can all do it. Put ur heart into it and do what you have to do to get the job done:0)
  2. by   SoCalCrystal
    We only had 3 practicals in my class and then a cumulative final from all the systems. I say get used to it. When you are a nurse you are going to have to know them all anyways, not just the system you studied the night before.

    And dont feel so bad my professor used to be a teacher at USC med school but got bored there because the students were too smart and wanted to teach students who would actually be a challenge for him to teach. I will tell you at the community college level, especially here in CA, it is sad to say but some of the teachers dont expect as much as my freshman english teacher at my private high school did. The good teachers will challenge you and push you and make sure that you are prepared. Trust me any nursing school will tell you that a hard earned B in a really challenging class is going to be better than an easy A once you start. My first semester with this teacher I took Anatomy and I was always an A student, I managed a B. So over break I decided to adjust my study habits and low and behold in Physiology with the same instructor I pulled a very challenging and well deserved A.
  3. by   SentimentalGeek
    My lab exams this semester consist of a midterm and a final. So the midterm is everything we've covered so far in the semester and the final will be everything after that. Hard work? Yes.
  4. by   tokyoROSE
    That sounds about right. Just wait for med/surg, same type of set up, but you have the lovely NCLEX-style questions where all the answer choices are right but one is the most right. At least A&P doesn't play mind games