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Thinking about nursing

  1. 0 Sooooooo I've been thinking about starting nursing school, however, some of my
    local hospitals have had layoffs lately. I'm concerned that this may not be the best time for a career change. Thoughts?
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    I was just starting nursing school when hospitals in my area were shutting down. I immediately got worried, but had already put my eggs in this basket. Once in school I learned that the landscape for nursing was changing significantly, but that there were still jobs even for recent grads. It's just a matter of having realistic expectations given your local job market and maximizing what you can bring to the table while you're still in school.
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    I'll echo some of the themes of the PP. Nothing is certain, no matter what you decide to pursue as a career. Today's job market is simply that, today's market. The landscape will likely be a much different place when you graduate nursing school. Whether it will be better or worse, well, no one really knows...

    If nursing is something you are interested in pursuing, I say do it! Don't become preoccupied with waiting for the "perfect" time, you'll likely spend all your time just waiting.