Thinking about giving up!! HELP

  1. I am 21 and currently in college and am taking my pre-reqs. I have a total of 3 classes left until I have finished my pre-reqs. I currently took a test in A&P and got a C. My grade is almost a B, but I feel like giving up. When I see others doing better than me I get disappointed. I feel like others always do better. I wanna become a nurse and work in the pediatric. But at this point I feel like I have no motivation. I doubt myself. I have to much stress and trying to have a personal life seems impossible if I want to do good. I dont think I will ever make it to become a nurse! Sorry for rambling but I need to vent.
    Please give me advice! Anyone else in the same situation?

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  3. by   mz23
    You sound exactly like me. I was so distraught Iin physio I'd get a B on what part of the test then a D in another section. Or id do good in lecture but bad in lab, once we took a lab test I had no idea we were gonna have. I felt everyone was probaly getting As so easy ans I was struggling with a C. I am a single mon with a baby who wouwould (and still does) wake up a million times to nurse. And trust me shes not hungry. I was soo stressed and frusterated, and tired. HJust finding time to study was a challenge and I felt so down. But I worked on the prereqs for so long and wanted to be a nurse so long, I couldn't give up! I needed vBulletin to get at least a B but my grade really dropped when I got a C on that lab quiz I didnt study for. After that test, the only way for me to get a B in the class was if I aced my final (last test). I changed the way I studied and gave it my best and ended up acing the test and got my B in the class. An A is much better but I was happy I got a B. It means a lot because I was struggling not only in school but with life lol but I pushed myself v when I thought there was absolutely no hope for me. Giirl you can do it. Fight the good fight : )

    Talk to your teacher tell him I study hard but keep getting Cs, do you have any advice for me? Most teachers want and are willing to help.
  4. by   maddiem
    Even if you got a B in A&P, it wouldn't be the end of the world! I know people who have gotten B's in A&P and they got into nursing school. Everyone has a bad test. You just can't let it get the best of you! If you quit, you will regret it. Don't give up!!
  5. by   PurpleLover
    When things get tough, never quit.

    Work harder
  6. by   pmabraham
    Good day, Mellisa:

    Have you thought about changing where you are looking rather than the direction you are taking? I.e. Stop looking at what others do, and concentrate on beating your old records.

    Get tutoring and help as needed. Talk to your professors to get help where needed.
    Break things down into small chunks. Celebrate each victory, and let each victory spur you forward.
    If you have a loss, then learn from it (including getting help with tutoring or what not), and move on.

    Thank you.