The military is moving my family!

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    My husband is currently stationed in Fairbanks Alaska and we will be moving just as I finish my pre-nursing classes for UAF. I'm worried that the next place we go will not take the classes I've completed. I guess what I am asking is, are there special cases for military spouses that if they finish another school requirements, will a different school except them into their program? I'm on student loans and I'm afraid I will not finish school before they want me to start paying back... HELP PLEASE!
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  3. by   slc1984
    Not that I am aware of. When my husband was in I got 3 years into a premed degree at ASU and when we moved to South Dakota I had to switch to a Biology degree and although my credits "transferred", they transferred as a whole bunch of electives. If the line numbers are not right on, a registrar will not transfer the class as another class (bio 211 will not transfer as bio 215 even if they are the same class technically) If you feel that you have a class that should count as another you usually have to talk to the professor that teaches the class and they will personally look at the syllabus for the class you took and sign off telling the registrar to go ahead and accept it. So it might take some work, but you shouldn't have to redo everything and may not have to redo anything However, most schools require that your last 60 credits or so have been taken through them in order to graduate so depending on how many credits you have left to take, that may be an issue.