Teas Test results help

  1. 0 Hi everyone!
    This is my first posting here :-)
    I took my TEAS test this morning through PSI, and they say I have to wait 48 hours for the results. Ugh! Has anyone received them sooner through them? Just curious. I'm very anxious!
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    When I took the test it was on a computer. As soon as I was done with the test I hit "submit". The ATI website gave me a link to results. I got results immediately after completing the test.
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    Oh you're so lucky! I took mine on a computer as well, but I have to wait 48 business hours for the results, which probably means not until Tuesday. :-(
    I feel like I bombed it, and I just want to know.
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    Hi goldenowner! I have never taken the computerized version. I took the paper version at CSUSB last month on a Saturday morning and got the result on a Tuesday. It was my second attempt and I got an 89% this time (my first attempt was 71%). Good luck!
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    Thank you!!!! I'm hoping and praying!
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    I took mine on at a PSI location, on a computer, and also had to wait 48 hours. I took the test 11 am on a friday and had them saturday evening! Hopefully you get your results as quickly
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