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    Hi everyone,

    I already have a BA in another field and am looking for a career change after being a stay home mom for 5+ years. In my field, math wasn't necessary, nor was it really needed as a stay home mom, lol. It has been 12 years since I was in school and I am in need of some serious math help to pass the teas exam. Can anyone recommend a good study guide for this? I know a lot of people recommend the ATI book but I was thinking maybe something more along the lines of a math for dummies type of book/review.

    I am currently enrolled in a basic biology class to meet a prerequisite and then on to A&P before applying to the nursing program. I am hoping those will help me in the science portion of the teas, as I was always horrible at science too.

    I do well enough in the reading/english portions (I was a journalism major) so I really need to focus on math and science.

    Thanks so much! Good luck to everyone in your nursing venture!



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    I think the ATI study guide was a good review of the math. But the science is another story. I went to the library and got acouple of books from there. I took the TEAS test once and did very well on all sections except the Science. The Science is very general covering rocks, tetonic plates, etc. I think I had 2-3 A & P questions.
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    I'm scheduled to take the Teas next month. I've got the review manuel and I'm concerned about Math too. Algebra for sure. I'm hoping I can miss a few Algebra and still pass the math section. Looking through this manuel, it's a scary thought - just to take the test.
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    The math section of the TEAS is basically middle school math. Fractions, ratios, word problems. One of my "math questions" even involved literally reading a picture of a speedometer. I swear! There was also stuff like budgeting money. The science was very strange- I too had like 4 anatomy questions and the rest was geology... very weird. I was a PR major before, so the English grammar was cake and I got a 100 on the comprehension. The ATI manual is really all you will need. Trust me.
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    can anyone tell me if the NET is the same as the tease?
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    Never took the NET, but heard that it was easier than the TEAS~ Kelli
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    The ATI Study Manual is all you need, I'm not a Math person either but I studied for 1 month and nailed the Math Section. Good luck! Do not stress out.
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    Thanks. Did the ATI Study Manual also help you with the science section? That is my other huge weakness.
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    The book that I used was McGraw-Hill's, I bought it from Barnes and Noble for $20. I retook my TEAS test yesterday and raised my overall score by 11 points. It explains everything for every section. It was hard for me to study for science because the questions are so broad, I didn't know where to begin. I quessed at most of the science questions, but I still managed to get a decent score. Good Luck!!
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    I would recommend that you google "beginning algebra", "intermediate algebra" because those would be the equivalent of MAT070 and MAT080 at most community colleges. You will find some online textbooks, practice tests and walk through's. That's what I used to review before I took my college's placement test (not the TEAS, just the basic admissions test). If the material from beginner's and intermediate doesn't click with you, you might need to actually take those classes before you take the TEAS because you may find yourself really lost. Hope this helps!

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