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Hi everyone ! I am taking Chemisty Essentials General Bio Chem in the fall at TCC South campus (ft Worth TX). I am nervous already. I'm looking for ANY advice anyone can give me for this class.... Read More

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    what school are you going to? i am very nervous too about taking 2 science classes.i just don't want to be "lost" in the class.

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    I took a combine organic and biochem class. I found the biochem part much harder. The best thing you can do is go to the chemistry tutor lab every week. Something that could take hours to comprehend could be summed up in minutes. I used to just go in even if I didn't have a question. Having other chem students around me just fostered more learning. Also manage your time. Make flashcards so you can review if even for a few minutes. I used to review my notes before leaving for school, and then I would recite them out loud as a drove to school. I always got to school early, then sat in my car and reviewed them again. Find ways to squeeze in those cards!
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    I took Chem my first semester of college(fall'09) not bad then second semester I took A&P I and that was hard! study a lot, make sure you know pH in chem, and the periodic able of elements well, it will help you out in the long run!
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    thanks for the advice
    i guess that one of the things i'm worried about having enough time to study both classes.
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    yeah when i take a&p i am taking it by itself, i have heard how hard it can be.
    i will start looking over ph in chem and the periodic able of elements
    thanks for the advice

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