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Hi everyone ! I am taking Chemisty Essentials General Bio Chem in the fall at TCC South campus (ft Worth TX). I am nervous already. I'm looking for ANY advice anyone can give me for this class.... Read More

  1. by   SkyMeadow

    thats awesome you did it in 5 weeks. yeah i was pre warned about taking sciences in the summer. thanks for the advice i will keep it in mind
  2. by   SkyMeadow
    I need advice IDK what to do LoL
    I was thinking about changing my fall sched. taking Chem by itself b/c of the algebra involved afraid it will take me longer to catch on and the Micro in Winter term....I know winter term will be hard b/c its short but that way it splits it up so I'm taking one class at a time so I can focus on that subject to make that A ( that I MuSt HAVE)..or would ya'll suggest I keep it the way it is and take BOTH at the same time but for 14 weeks at a slower pace????

    FYI: I have two kids 7 and 8 and I do not work. It was 16 years ( showing my age here)
    ago when I took my last science class.
  3. by   SkyMeadow
    i wanted you to know i did listen to what you said about not recommending in a 5 week course.
    i am taking a&p i in spring by itself and i do not want to move micro w/ a&p. i do not want to take another class w a&p. and i do not want to take a&p in the summer ( i know better than that). i just know how important the gpa are in these classes.
  4. by   thatsthekeyRNC
    My advice to everyone taking chem is to review every day and do ALL of the practice problems...that's the only way to truly understand what you're doing. The math is very straightforward, but you have to KNOW how to solve for things, you can't just cram it in your brain before the tests (a lot of people tried that in my class!).

    I wouldn't worry about taking it with Micro, you'll just have to make time to study for both. I somehow survived taking A&P II, Micro, Medical Terminology, and public speaking together and got great grades. Micro isn't as scary as people make it seem - all memorization, but it's interesting. I thought it was way easier than Chem & A&P.
  5. by   SkyMeadow

    people on here have said that micro,chem and a&p are linked together in a sense. so that was my plan to take those 2 together then a&p by itself. i'm trying to get everything knocked out so i can apply in aug. to ns.
    i just don't want to in get in over my head. that pressure is there to make that a to get into ns.
    "a&p ii, micro, medical terminology, and public speaking together " wow just looking at that stresses me out. thats awesome you did all that and made good grades.

    thank you for the advice!
  6. by   mariposabella
    Glad to see Im not the only one taking two sciences fall semester. I will be taking organic&biochemistry and A&P II. I dont know which one Im more nervous about especially since I have no clue who my professors are for these courses. You are preparing early so thats good.
  7. by   racquetmom
    I took an algebra accelerated summer class starting back to school and then my first science was Chemistry on a Sat. and psych during the week (kids at home) so no class support with chem during the week. I had never had chem previously. I thought the lab preparation was unreal and time consuming. I think you will be fine as math goes like someone says do the practice questions in the chapters. I did go to a study lab several times to do my homework or practice things in case I had questions. Our instructor would not allow questions unless the entire class had the same question which was never and he never had us hand in our homework or go over it so you never knew if it was right that is why I used study lab as well. It was quite an eye opener for starting back to school 20 years later. Microbiology was very time consuming as well, but mostly due to instructor assigning many many extra assignments....write a paper about this, research and write why this can happen, etc. just seemed like so many extra assignments in addition to the lab and lecture. My schedule never allowed for two science classes and labs so I typically took a science/lab and then psyh or english, the other classes to fill in. I wish you luck.
  8. by   SkyMeadow

    what school are you going to? i am very nervous too about taking 2 science classes.i just don't want to be "lost" in the class.
  9. by   Elle71
    I took a combine organic and biochem class. I found the biochem part much harder. The best thing you can do is go to the chemistry tutor lab every week. Something that could take hours to comprehend could be summed up in minutes. I used to just go in even if I didn't have a question. Having other chem students around me just fostered more learning. Also manage your time. Make flashcards so you can review if even for a few minutes. I used to review my notes before leaving for school, and then I would recite them out loud as a drove to school. I always got to school early, then sat in my car and reviewed them again. Find ways to squeeze in those cards!
  10. by   GES91
    I took Chem my first semester of college(fall'09) not bad then second semester I took A&P I and that was hard! study a lot, make sure you know pH in chem, and the periodic able of elements well, it will help you out in the long run!
  11. by   SkyMeadow
    thanks for the advice
    i guess that one of the things i'm worried about having enough time to study both classes.
  12. by   SkyMeadow
    yeah when i take a&p i am taking it by itself, i have heard how hard it can be.
    i will start looking over ph in chem and the periodic able of elements
    thanks for the advice