Summer Microbiology STRESS! ADVICE?!

  1. Hey there, so i am in my fifth week of microbio this summer. Between other commitments and working full time its been tough, and my grades aren't what i hoped for. We have a few weeks left. I have taken two tests so far. I feel like i try to memorize everything but I get to the test and the information jumbles around in my head. The professor is a nice guy but the questions feel so random sometimes. There are a couple more tests, a final, a lab final, and a paper left. Heres the deal. I have done horridly on my first two tests. So horridly. I'll post the whole grade percentages at the bottom if you're interested. I need to do pretty perfectly here on out to get an A, and still have to do extremely well on everything here on out to get a B. I have one more semester of prereqs before i apply to nursing school, and taking this class again will be too much between 5 classes and working, so i can't repeat this class. It's not an option for me, nor is a C an option cause i know you can't get into nursing programs with those grades. Just wondering if anyone reading this took this class, and if you have and study tricks? Sorry for the long post, I tend to rant when I'm stressed!

    Grades percents for this class:
    4 Tests - 40 % 1st test i made a 67 2nd test was a 52 (iv done a lot of calculation to see what i need to make to get even just a B, oh boy)
    Term Paper - 15%
    Final - 20%
    Lab - 25%
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  3. by   pmabraham
    Good day:

    Are there tutoring services available at your school?

    I didn't take Microbiology yet; but when I do, I'm thinking The Microbiology Coloring Book: I. Edward Alcamo, Lawrence M. Elson: 9780060419257: Books might be helpful.

    Thank you.
  4. by   ready4nu
    Like any class with a ton of material to remember...try making associations between the content and something you know or simething you will remember. For some things breaking down the words can help...
    Mastigophorian...think mastigate=whip yourself.
    I remember associating some viruses and STD's with people i knew that would likely have Hey...whatever works