Summer Microbiology!? I'm Nervous - page 2

im taking mircobio in july. im nervous/excited to be done with my A.S degree and to be finally moving foward after this! but the course is only 4 weeks short, idk how they're gonna cram all of that... Read More

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    Quote from ericabeth
    I took an 8-week micro class that was about 3 hrs per class, so about the same amount of actual class time as you. I found it to be easier than A&P. The difficult part for me was our final, in which you choose a random tube that has two types of microorganisms, and you have the last two weeks of class to run any necessary tests to determine what they are, and you had to maintain a detailed, step-by-step journal of the process. You were not allowed any assistance, and if you did ask the instructor for any help, you would automatically have points deducted. Talk about pressure...
    I also only had class two days a week, so it was A LOT to try to cram in at each class meeting.