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  1. 0 I have never attending college and I am starting this summer. I am curious if anyone has any reccomendations for classes to take during the summer. My goal is to get into a RN program so I know I have at least a year of pre reqs ahead of me.
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    Good day:

    Good idea to get a good start.

    I would suggest contacting the schools for which you would apply for the RN program to find out their requirements; and then use that as a foundation for determining what classes to take.

    If there are community colleges nearby, ask the nursing schools for which you would apply if they accept credits from those community colleges (which an sometimes be more economical).

    Thank you.
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    I attended YEARS ago and have recently decided it's time for a career change. I'm doing my pre-reqs now. Since Summer courses cover the same material in half the time, I recommend that you NOT even consider Microbiology or anything hard like that. I suggest English and maybe a math. Nothing too tough. Also, I was told by an instructor (too late) that taking two Science classes in one term is too much. Pick only one. She may have said it because I told her that I was also in AP2 along with her Micro class. i hope that this helps.
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    I would look into schools you are interested in and most of them have sociology, psychology, nutrition classes for pre-reqs. I would do one to two of them. Not many papers, just reading for nutrition and sociology. If you aren't too good at math I would wait for that one until the fall semester.
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    I would recommend taking any of the required pre-reqs for the nursing school of your choice during the summer except for math and science courses.

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