Study tips and Supplies for LPN

  1. I just took my TEAS exam on June 25th and I passed! I got my acceptance letter from the school five days later. There are a few more steps I have to take for the admissions process such as a Basic Math Proficiency Test, Interview, and Money down on tuition. My interview and basic math test are both on July 19th, along with that I will have a criminal history background check done and will have to put money down for tuition. I'm actually really excited about starting school for once.

    For the fall 2010 semester the classes I will be taking are:
    Nursing Fundamentals
    Anatomy & Physiology I
    English Composition

    I wanted to know what would be the best things to buy in order to study and as well as to keep organized. So far all I've had in mind was a planner in order to keep all my assignments and dates kept in one book. A flash-drive incase I need to transsfer my papers from different computers, this way I won't lose any assignments. A binder for each class which will include dividers (if needed), a notebook and folder. Ofcourse last but not least I'll have my pens, pencils and highlighters.

    Does any one have any other suggestions as to what would be helpful in staying organized and supplies helpful in the studying process?

    Thank you!
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