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I'm just curious what everyone's schedule is like? We have 4 kids and I'm taking a&p I, math for meds, chemistry and computers. I'm finding ALL I do is study. Sometimes it sucks because I don't get to spend time with my children... Read More

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    That's the price of becoming a nurse - unfortunately you have small children so you are missing out on spending time with them. There is no way around that and for brief periods of time you will be studying - you have a huge workload from what I can hear as most people take 12 units and anything above that is just dedicated school time. This isn't considering how difficult and how much workload each class has - as each could be different, it all depends.

    Eventually it'll pass though - there are only so many classes you need to take before you are finished.

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    I am a single mom to a 2.5 yr old. I am in a direct entry MSN program but right now I'm working on the accelerated rn part of it. I took 20 credits over the summer and I have 17 credits right now (18 next semester).
    I try to not study when I'm home with my daughter. I'm pretty successful with that for the most part. I have gotten very good at studying efficiently! My daughter is in daycare 5 days a week and I use all the time I can as though I had a 40hr work week. I have a decent GPA (3.75) and km pretty happy with that.
    The trick is to be kind to yourself and get sleep. Only do one thing at a time even when the to do list is a mile long. If I can do it...anyone can.
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    I have 5 children also, so I understand. I try to think of school as a job, my little ones go to pre-school and my older ones are in school. My oldest is only 9, but she helps A LOT. I find out next week if I was accepted into the nursing program, if I am i'm hiring my mom right away to clean my house and do my laundry when school starts. I can't even keep up now and i'm not in class this semester! lol! My kids wear school uniforms, so we have two outfits per day from 3 kids, plus my little boys who are always getting dirty, then Lord forbid someone wet their bed!!! AHH! Anyway, I try to study in the mornings, or when they're playing or watching a movie. It's amazing what just sitting with them on the couch while they watch a movie does, you can go over stuff and they are still with your snuggling and they're occupied. Good luck moms, we can do this!
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    I have a 13 month old, I'm a full time student and stay at home mom. I study while she's napping or in bed and work on homework and assignments while she's up playing with her toys. She likes to sit with me on the couch when I read my text books and points at all the pictures saying "ooh" lol

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