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Anyone got any study suggestions for A&P 2? it's definitely a lot more challenging than A&P 1 due to more physiology instead of anatomy. Next exam is Tuesday & a lot of material I haven't covered yet. Also taking patho... Read More

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    Quote from mjo07
    Just wanted to share some info about quizlet. I used it sometimes for A&P1 and noticed many questions from previous tests posted with answers. They were a bit useful but I decided not to use it much because I noticed many questions with the wrong answers. It would probably work better if you made your own flashcards and make sure not to rely on others, as they might not be correct.
    Yes you're 100% right!! A lot of the answers are not right.. I prefer making my own notecards on quizlet.

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    Quote from emmaleed
    I've taken both A&P and A&P II. They were both a little challenging, but I'm sure you can handle it! The best way for me to study is to talk aloud.. For example, the process of blood going through the heart, I would each step aloud to myself and it really helps me remember it! I used to make note cards for everything, but I found writing it all out takes too long! I also like to use .. You can make note cards (which is much quicker typing than writing down) and then go through them and play games to help you remember! And if you have an iphone, there is a quizlet app you can download for free so you can access the notecards at anytime! This really helps me because if I'm waiting in line or have a few minutes of free time I can just grab my phone and study
    This is exactly what I did in A&P 2. I use Quizlet for almost every class because the games and test on there help me a LOT. I also watched a lot of YouTube videos and outlined the chapters in the textbook. Sometimes I rewrote my notes, and my professor recorded lectures so I often rewatched those. Writing out and numbering processes also helped. Mostly I found that I needed a lot of different study options to finally be able to put it together in my head.
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    im a very audio/visual person but my A&P2 professor doesn't even go over half the concepts covered on the tests. i like to read the section in the book and then youtube it so someone can explain it better. i really like interactivebiology on youtube. hes helped me a ton on A&P1 and with the heart so far in A&P2. not only can i hear him explaining it but he also demonstrates it.

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