Statistics during summer session?

  1. So I'm almost done with my prereqs for nursing and I have my science classes (micro, physio, chemistry, etc) left and statistics. Math is not my strongest subject but I was debating whether it's a good idea taking statistics during the summer so I can focus on just my science classes during fall and spring semesters. If not, what science classes would be safe to take statistics with at the same time?

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  3. by   spore2008
    This is a tough question to answer because I don't know you (your academic strengths and weaknesses) nor your school. You have "saved" the hardest classes for last!

    That being said, Statistics is hard and not like "regular" math classes. I took Statistics during a semester along with Anatomy and Physiology I and I got A's in both classes. I took Anatomy and Physiology II over the summer and an entire semester was crammed into 5 weeks. That was hard too and I also got an A in that class as well.

    All of these classes are hard. I believe you can take 2 of them at a time...even three and do well (not three lab classes, though). I recommend finding out about instructors at your school for these classes prior to enrolling.
  4. by   nelnel89
    Thank you so much for the advice
  5. by   Jtrex
    I took statistics this past summer along with two other courses and managed to get A's in all of them. It was a little hard at times but not nearly as bad as the summer before when I took A&P 2 and Chem. It's definitely doable although I had stats online
    and I would def suggest not taking it online in the summer.
  6. by   Al.ginger
    I took stat. last summer along with Lifespam development. Both on-line. Statistic was somewhat thaugh but I got A.
    Go ahead and do it summer.
    From my prospective, it is better to struggle for 5 weeks than suffer the whole semester!
  7. by   nelnel89
    Thank you so much for the advice. Helps out a lot my counselor was trying to tell me to take chemistry during summer, but I think stats would be safer, science I know I need a whole semester to absorb the material. Thanks again.
  8. by   marie85
    I myself am not a "math person" either! I was scared to death when I took it because I was taking it the same semester I took Anatomy and Physiology I. I failed the first Stat test I took but then got progressively better as the semester went on. I ended up making an A in the class but that is because I studied my butt off and went to my professor for help every chance I got. It is doable to balance Statistics with another science course (I made A's in all my classes that semester) but you have to have good time management skills, I can tell you that! Just be prepared to study...ALOT! lol I would not recommend taking Stat in the summer though. You already said you were not a "math person" and, in my opinion, if your going to cram a subject in a short amount of time and expect a good grade, I'd have to be pretty confident I was going to do well. Again, I don't know what your strengths and weaknesses are and who knows, you may have a knack for Statistics since it isn't a regular run of the mill math course. Just giving my two cents worth. Good luck with whatever you choose to do!