Starting BSN nursing Fall 2012, but in the meantime... Starting BSN nursing Fall 2012, but in the meantime... | allnurses

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Starting BSN nursing Fall 2012, but in the meantime...

  1. 0 I'd like to be as prepared as I possibly can for nursing school! My clinicals dont start at USF (Univeristy of San Francisco) until Spring 2013. I wanted to know if anyone who is a nursing student or former nursing student has any advice on good books to read or to get started on nursing school? I know there's only so much I can do, but I have now til August for school ( I'm off this year since I reapplied for nursing school). Any good books I should read that won't confuse me too much? Haha thanks! Appreciate it.
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    there are a ton-you can super motivate yourself by starting to learn about a specialty that interests you...there are the 'made incredibly easy' books on many nursing topics. Or you can do general stuff to get a leg up-get a great physical exam book and start looking at it...or fluid and electrolytes....or hemodynamics....start studying acls...or rhythms...the world is your oyster.

    there are tons of books out there written by nurses and their experiences on the job, I was really interested in flight and read one about a nurses experiences with that.

    good luck!