Sooo Excited about almost being a Full Time Pre-Nursing Student!!! Sooo Excited about almost being a Full Time Pre-Nursing Student!!! | allnurses

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Sooo Excited about almost being a Full Time Pre-Nursing Student!!!

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    I have finally decided to quit my full time desk job and venture to the full time Pre-nursing student stautus in the Fall of 2010!! Nursing will be my second career, and I honestly could not be more excited and nervous at the same time! I have been taking Pre-Reqs for a ADN program in Pensacola, Florida while working full time. This summer I will be taking A&P2, then onto Full time!

    I have been going back and fourth on deciding to go back full time before I was accepted into the program, but I have decided that going full time in the Fall is for me! My school (PJC) has said that I will have a start date of Spring 2011, so I am anxious to get all the Co-Reqs and some of the BSN pre-reqs done with!

    It feels so great to finally have decided this. I have become increasingly dissatisfied with my current job, as it does not challenge me as much as I would like, and I am sooooo tired of looking at the Computer Screen for 9 hours a day. It has been such a challenge for me, just to get out of bed to go to work.. Now, don't get me wrong, I am entirely greateful just to have a job, and I work to the best of my ability everyday and I think I even work harder now, because I know there is a means to an end, and I look forward to my classes (I'm a dork I know!)

    I am nervous however, to go back full time to school, I have been out of full time school for a couple years now, so I know it will be challenging! But I really can't wait!! I don't think I have ever said that about going to school before. I respect school so much more now that, I am choosing and motivated to go! Thanks for listening! I wish everyone else who is going back to school and is in school Good Luck!!
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    Good luck! I am in the same boat as you. I graduated with a ba in criminal justice back in 2006. I worked in this field for a while, before having my daughter in 2008. Since then, I have been a stay at home mom. I wanted to go into the medical field after high school, but did not pursue it then. It has just been bugging me to go back to school for nursing, so I decided to go for it! I will be starting my ns in fall 2010! So excited!! Good luck to you!
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    Hey, I got your pm, but I can't send them yet... Well we have alot in common then. So you are going for your ADN as well?
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    Hey addiesmom,
    Yes I am going for my ADN and hopefully I can do the bridge to BSN, sometime soon after I graduate from the ADN program. Which program are you doing?
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    Good luck! I definitely understand where you are coming from about respecting school. I'm changing careers as well. I graduated way back in 97 and went back to school full time last year. Its been a great experience. Challenging and rewarding. I'm really loving it.

    I married and had a child young, so the first time around in school, I really did not have time to appreciate the academic experience. I just knew I had to hurry up and finish and get a job. I'm not in the nursing program yet, and I'm anxious to begin, but this time around, I'm really appreciating my higher learning experience.