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  1. Hi everyone! I've always wanted to work in health care (currently working as an MA), but i very recently decided it would be nursing! I only have 5 or so more pre-reqs until i am ready to transfer.

    My question is can anyone suggested some schools that accept students into nursing programs as a transfers? Preferably in the NJ/PA area, but any suggestions would be great! I am just having a hard time finding programs that except you in as a junior. The only i have found so far is Jefferson. I would love to go there, just nervous about only applying to one school.

    Thanks for your help!
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    Widener Universtiy in Chester PA accepts transfers. I started this past summer after completing all my prereqs at the CC. Since freshmen start nursing classes in their first year and transfers haven't had those 100-200 level nursing classes, you take them there as one full semester before you officially start as a junior at the clinical level. During that semester you're still considered a sophomorore. I think they have a spring start and summer start. So this last summer I took those classes, had a short break, and now I'm in the full swing of things and just started clinicals (getting ready to head off to my OB rotation that I love so far).

    Transfering was very simple and everyone at the school is super helpful and it seems like a very well-organized program with great instructors. I had also applied to La Salle and Drexel and got in, so I know those are two other schools that accept transfers. Good luck!