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Hi! I was hoping to find other people on here who are trying to get into CSUS's program for the Spring 2012 semester and maybe start a little community on here and go through the process and waiting... Read More

  1. by   nicole8584
    Awesome! I've had a couple of friends going into nursing in other classes who are older, but it's nice to talk to someone your own age, you know? I'm really looking forward to the orientation or whatever it is and meeting everyone else who we will be around for 2 years. We're definitely going to all be in this together. I would love introductions to people too; that's really nice of you to offer
    If I do get in, I was planning on trying to stay on campus, because it would be hard to keep driving up there trying to find apartments and meeting with potential roommates if need be. Do you live on campus or in an apartment? And do you have any of the co-reqs left to do like Pharmacology or Life Span?
  2. by   mkbarry09
    Yeah thats true it would be hard to find an apartment if you can stay up here and look around. Living in a dorm the first year is probably a good idea and the new on campus apartments are REALLY nice! I lived in the dorms my freshman year but now I live in an apartment right by campus so its nice. Gosh I cant wait to hear back from the school I just want to know already lol. I dont know if it's weird to ask this but do you have a facebook lol. It would be a lot easier to keep in touch that way. Well for me at least but if thats weird its fine hahaha!
  3. by   nicole8584
    Yeah, I was looking into the apartments on campus; I just hope there are some available- the spring semester seems like it would be an awkward time to transfer maybe? That's cool you live close; I know what it's like to commute 30 min everyday and it sucks. I can't believe we have to wait almost 2 months to hear back- it's going to drive me crazy!
    Haha no it's not weird at all - I'll private message you right now my name or link or whatever and you can find me on there - it would definitely be easier on FB
  4. by   mkbarry09
    Okay I added you
  5. by   0409607
    I should be getting 69 points..... 72 if they give me economic considerations.
    90.7 TEAS and a 3.72 prereq GPA.

    I have a couple classes with repeats, but you are allowed to repeat each course once without penalty every 7 years.
  6. by   nicole8584
    0409607 are you applying to any other schools too, and is Sac your first choice?
  7. by   0409607
    I only applied to CSUS. I'm not trying to move anywhere else.... and I'm already attending CSUS for regular class. So............... yeah *cross fingers*

    But I'm not too worried about it right now.
  8. by   0409607

    "We received 243 applications for 80 seats. The candidate ranked number 80 has 62 points. It is too early to determine what the final point cut off will be, but historically 2 to 5 students decline in a spring term."