Relieved.. but constantly stressed!

  1. So I am happy to say that I was accepted to a nursing program. BOY, it was such a LOOOONG wait and I was constantly worried about if I was going to get in or not.

    Although the stress of being accepted is gone, I am now thinking about everything I need to do. Send in final transcripts, send in forms, get my immunization info, schedule a physical, pay all these fees, orientations, and the list keeps growing. Then the actual program itself is a whole 'nother ball of wax. And I have to tell my employer about my new schedule as of August. Eek!

    Does anyone else feel this high stress level or am I just overstressing?
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  3. by   RNnme3j
    Congrats on being accepted!! Currently awaiting my acceptance(s). I definetly feel your anxiety I have not been able to peacefully sleep in a couple of weeks. I have taken things a step forward & started planning for the "Accepted" status. You gather as much information from nursing student vlogs on YOUTUBE( have watched evry one of them lol), construct a supply checklist, order some nursing books from Amazon, or start some note cards of information that you know you will need in the beginning of session. Download Apps you will need to give extra help & keep your math fresh. Start teaching your self the basics of pharmacology. I have even started a "Preparation" Binder with list of helpful nursing websites & prospective nursing course descriptions. I wish you the best!
  4. by   RNnme3j
    And most importantly.....enjoy & spend time with your loved ones!!
  5. by   1waitingpatiently
    Thank you

    I should be like you and be pro-active. I spent a lot of time emotionally preparing for denial letters! I am glad to now prepare for a program. Its great, but still stressful.

    I will definitely start reviewing math. I am taking Medical Terminology and Pharm. at my CC, so it has kept my knowledge current.

    Good luck to you! I know you will get in for sure!
  6. by   RNnme3j
    Bummer....I wish I could find a Pharmacology course in & around my area andddd in my budget. I thought about a Medical Terminogy online course as well (that would be great). See your a step ahead of me lol. At night I hadddd to find something to do other than making wish lists on Amazon but there are some very helpful tips out there. Just wait & go shopping for supplies during "Back to School" sales probably will save you loads of money. I pray that I get in as well (fingers still crossed) Never expect the worse... always the best!!