Psychology, theory, and history in nursing school

  1. I am working on prerequisites and was curious. How much of nursing school focuses on the psychology, theory, and history of the nursing profession? I loved anatomy, loved physiology, and really loved microbiology. I also had psychology, developmental psychology, and an intro to nursing concepts class, all of which I hated every second of. If my interests are science, medicine, and learning about the advanced inner workings of human biology, am I in the right profession? I want to eventually treat and diagnose patients an a NP. Is there anybody who knows the nursing school curriculum who can fill me in? How much extra anatomy,physiology,and biology do I get to learn in an RN program. Would I learn more as a Biology undergrad?
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  3. by   elkpark
    Of course you would learn more hard science as a biology major -- but it wouldn't get you any closer to being an RN or an NP. Nursing is a holistic discipline that involves much more than just the hard sciences involved. We care for clients' bodies, minds, and spirits. You may want to look more closely at what nursing actually involves to decide if it's the best choice for you. If you're really only interested in the biological/physiological aspects of people, something else might work better for you. Best wishes for your journey!
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