Problem with GED transcript and application.

  1. I am getting ready to apply to a very competitive nursing program. I have all of my co-reqs and pre-reqs finished and currently have a 3.6 GPA. The problem is I just received a copy of GED transcript from the state and it states that the last year of high school that I completed was 10th ( I dropped out 2 months prior to graduation due to pregnancy so my last grade completed was 11th). I'm getting the run-around from the state on fixing it and I need to get my application in soon. Is it possible that an admissions committee would frown upon an applicant who is documented as only going to high school through 10th grade? I realize this may seem trivial but I'm very sensitive about the fact that I dropped out to begin.
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  3. by   msmartel bee
    I think you should just apply. Dropping out on 10 or 11 grade doesn't make that much difference I will think. Your in college already and have over 30 credits. I drop out my sophomore year and the school I applied for did not give me no trouble. You can do the changed later once your in the program.
  4. by   sharpeimom
    Since you already have your GED, I would guess that you're set to go. Your pre-req grades are good so that's in your favor too. If you're going to really obsess about it, I'd say call the admissions dept. where you're applying and just ask them.

    I just asked my husband as he was coming in from snow shoveling. He's a college professor. He says they won't care and are used to dealing with bureaucratic snafus! Good luck and find something better to worry about! (my mom used to say that.)