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So I'm starting 6 week anatomy course in a week and a half and I'm soooooooooo nervous!!!!!! I've been preparing ahead of time by memorizing the respiratory, digestive, skeletal, lymphatic, urinary... Read More

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    Is it just anatomy or is it A&P? Google mnemonics for anatomy and you will find a ton of very helpful ways to remember stuff. Phys is harder, but anatomy is all memorization.

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    I just finished a 4 week A&P class with an A! It can be done! Utilize your book! If you're able to answer the end of chapter quizzes ok you'll be golden! I memorized the basic skeleton before class and it helped a lot. I got an A+ on my muscular & skeleton practical!

    Word of caution though, I wouldn't try to memorize TOO much because you don't know what you're teacher wants you to know. For example, we didn't have to learn all the origins and insertions and I almost tried to memorize them prior to class!
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    Quote from PocketSize
    I enrolled for A&P I and II. They're both 6wk summer courses. I finish A&P I next Wednesday and so far I have an A. I took my muscle lab practicum and 7:30 this morning and got 100%!!! I will say, your instructor has a lot to do with your grade. I went on ratemyprofessors and made sure to pick someone with good reviews. I also took into consideration word of mouth from my instructor's previous students. I'm blessed cuz he is amazing at delivering material. I learned the bones of the body in about 4 classes before I took that exam and got a 96%. This was my only class this half. The next half of summer, I'll be taking A&P II and ENG LIT. It'll be tough but as long as you stay on top of your material, the rest should follow. I work also, so I rested an entire weekend which threw me off so I got an 83 on my last exam and that's been my lowest grade in the class.

    Listen to the teacher, write down whatever he/she writes down on the board and please go home and review as much as you can. One of the first things taught was epithelium so review simple squamous, stratified cuboidal, etc. so you're in the loop the first day of class.
    I bought The Anatomy Coloring Book and the one for Physiology as well. So far, I've only used the Anatomy one but next half, I'll probably use the Physiology one as well. It's great for visual learners. Good luck and I hope you do well!

    One last thing: Don't try to get too far ahead of the class, as you'll probably only end up confusing yourself. I focused on what was being taught each day and at the end of the week, reviewed that learned material and used that to study for the upcoming exam. Keep it simple, one step at a time so you don't overwhelm yourself.
    Thanks for the advice.. I have been getting a little overwhelmed.. ill review what I have taught myself so far and start the rest when given in class.. I LOVE ratemyprofessor the professor I have for anatomy has AMAZING reviews took me forever to get in his class I was on a waiting list so I'm guessing that's good lol.. thanks again for the help!
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    Quote from slc1984
    Is it just anatomy or is it A&P? Google mnemonics for anatomy and you will find a ton of very helpful ways to remember stuff. Phys is harder, but anatomy is all memorization.
    Its just anatomy and then I will be taking physiology and dosage and calculations in the regular fall semester... I will google those thanks I'm writing down everyone's tips
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    Love this site everyone is so helpful and I'm glad I can connect with people who r on the same journey as me... definitely helps with staying motivated!
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    Use cliff notes. I used it about 4 years ago and it was great. Quick easy review. Plus it's really cheap on amazon
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    Ooo yes and I agree use ur book. Find out what ur teacher thinks will be a great help also.
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    First Anatomy exam aka midterm 96!!!!!! Woohooooo! Preparing for my lab practical tomorrow but definitely feeling confident! Only 2 lecture exams and 2 practicals for the whole course... I WANT THAT A!.. Thanks again everyone for ur study tips

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